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Ink consumable,Solvent ink,Mild-solvent ink,Eco-solvent ink,Printing
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Total-Jet: XUV series
(KONICA KM1024SH 6pl variable print head)

1.8 Hybrid rigid & R2R LED UV printer

Ink consumable,Solvent ink,Mild-solvent ink,Eco-solvent ink,Printing
.Quality model: 720 x 1440 dpi (4、6 colors) 10m²/hr
.Production model: 360 x 1440 dpi (4、6 colors) 40m²/hr
.Draft model: 360 x 720 dpi (4、6 colors) 75m²/hr

High-definition multi-gray scales print
Variable drop size from 6pl to 42pl & 1440 dpi multi-gray scales resolution
7 colors print lead to vivid graphics & smooth gradients
Clearly 4 pt text
Upgrade UV gloss oil
High productiveness
Max capacity 75m²/hr, order and delivery into one day be possible.
Human high-efficiency UV-curable powder coating technology, applies for more media
Less consumption & eco-friendly, longer useful life & profitable
front & back extended tables enhanced heavy media transport for reliable printing
Roll to roll take up & release automatically.
6pl &12pl drops output make out perfect indoor graphics and outdoor format signage.
LED UV ink, suits for soft signage and rigid flexble both without coating
Rigid material thickness up to 50mm
Best choice for transparency material builds upon white ink
Human White-ink technology
Special 3 ink layers print technology enhance the view of double sides
Multi white-ink print technology---over print and under print, spot and under spot, fill and over spot
  Stable & Simple
with Quality
Total-Jet: XUV series
Print head   KONICA KM1024SH 6pl variable print head
Auto anti-clogged flash
Ink drying technology
High-efficient LED UV light
Charging method   High-accuracy vacuum adsorption platform transport
Roller type extended tables for printing rigid media
Automatically take up & release system
Modalities: rigid material metal and R2R media
Specification: max width 1.8 meter, thickness up to 50 mm unlimited length
Classifications: glass、tile、KT board、acrylic、banner、canvas、metal sheet、film、paper board、wooden、PVC、plastic、styrene and so on
Multiple Printing: several rigid media print synchronously
Inks   LED UV ink, CYMK, Lc, Lm, W
Print format   PDF、PS、EPS、TIFF、AI , etc. (RGB/CMYK)
RIP   Photoprint or ONYX
Can upgrade into PhotoPrint advanced edition
Environment & power  
Humidity: 45-75%RH
Gross power: 220v 35A
Format dimensions   L X W X H (mm): 3850 x 1110 x 1890(mm)
Weight   1000KG