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Ink consumable,Solvent ink,Mild-solvent ink,Eco-solvent ink,Printing
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In the 1990's, a group of individuals at one of Taiwan's first digital printing companies faced a dire problem. In their desperation to improve the quality of prints of their flagship printer, they had addressed all but one part of the printer and printing process. The ink as the solution, and the beginnings of a global ink manufacturer lay therein.

With the assistance of an ink chemist, the team began designing an ink, optimized for use with their troubled printer. After countless trials and errors, an ink was produced that not only increased the quality of the printed images, but also reduced nozzle drop outs and down time, drastically enhancing the printer's capabilities far beyond anything the team had anticipated. The "Magic" ink, as it was called, was selected by the print

The opportunities for this newly founded Ink business were far too great to be confined to a department of a printing company. And so, a separate specialist ink development and manufacturing company was found. INK Total Solution (INK.T.S.) was born.

INK.T.S. emerges as a leader in the manufacture of solvent based digital printing inks and accessories. That same commitment to innovation that resulted in the birth of INK.T.S. is the drive behind everything the company does today.

Ink consumable,Solvent ink,Mild-solvent ink,Eco-solvent ink,Printing